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Afterghost Saver Splash

Afterghost Saver Splash

You BUY and we ROLL a D20 for you (live on instagram). Got 20? We’ll give you a FREE EXTRA BOX (Raw model, for your own customization). Got 19? We’ll give you a US$5.00 coupon in the store for your next order! Got critical damage? Ok... We’re going to mess a little with the logo of your box. Maybe an angry ghost?!”.


Save your pocket and your cards! We proudly present to you our economic line!


If what you’re looking for is the perfect combination of organization, practicality, economy, luck and style, the Afterghost Saver Splash is the ideal choice for storing your cards and board game accessories. This deck box is capable of holding more than 108 single shield cards (Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! Or Magic: The Gathering). And it’s dice holder (with lockable lid) can fit over fifteen standard sized dice and markers.


Cheap? Indeed. Great stuff? Definitely!


The Splash version has an unique acrylic paint finish, making your box exclusive!


Size and capacity: Main compartment – 108 cards (TCG) with single shield.

Dice compartment: around 15 dice and markers (fitting standard D20 dice).

Total external dimensions: Height 135mm, width 80mm, depth 85mm.

Weight: around 135g.

Composition: MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard, a king of na engineered Wood), metals and polyester strap.


*The deck box can include in it’s composition: common white glue, acrylic ink and matte varnish.

** Before buying our products, be sure that your country has no restrictions about the entrance of wooden products.

*** Yes, if we roll a 20 for you, the second box goes in the same shipping. If you got a 19, your US$5.00 coupon will be avaliable to use only in your next order (which will expire in 4 months) . Got 1 and still have a request about the mess we’re going to do in your ghost logo?! How dare you? Ok, if it’s funny we may listen.


Our instagram account: @afterghostdesign

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