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Solum Strap - Wild West

Solum Strap - Wild West

PLEASE NOTICE! This product is only the strap for the Afterghost Solum Box! 


The Afterghost Solum Strap was designed and handcrafted to fit perfectly your Afterghost Solum box! 


It’s a handmade piece of art that will adorn your box!


The artifact is made of premium quality real leather, and the size is perfect for the Solum box.


  • Length: 195mm with the swivel clip.
  • Lenght: 135mm without the swivel clip.
  • Weight capacity: 6kg.
  • Caution!

    Keep your artifact away from moisture. Use a dry cloth for cleaning. It’s recommended to hydrate your product every couple of years with specific products for leather (your strap is made of legitimate and natural skin). This will increase the durability of your product. Automotive liquid silicone or specific leather moisturizing cream are the most suitable. 

    Be aware that may be slight variations in texture, tone and color of your Afterghost product. They are all handcrafted and made of natural animal origin.

  • About international shipping

    Before buying our products, be sure that your country has no restrictions about the entrance of leather products.

$19,00 Regular Price
$16,00Sale Price
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