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Afterghost Regia

Afterghost Regia

Your portable Victoria Amazonica (vitória-régia)!


A medieval bag, which can be reliably fitted anywhere, and which in seconds turns into a dice tray. Fits almost your entire collection of dices, markers and small accessories. Stylish way!


Now it's even easier to organize your EDC (Every Day Carry) when arriving home, or family and friends houses, even hotels. Wallet, keys, coins, small objects; nothing needs to be spread out. And with just two moves, you close everything quickly and can carry your items with confidence.


This product was meticulously planned, developed, rigorously tested and produced to always accompany you: whatever the use, whatever the moment.


Far beyond Board Games, a wearable accessory. A sturdy, compact bag that quickly transforms into a tray, similar in appearance to a water lily. Ideal partner for travel, games and adventures.


This product is completely handcrafted, with attention to the smallest details, ensuring durability, style and the Afterghost finish.


SIZE AND CAPACITY: External size: 11cm x 11cm x11cm Internal capacity: 8cm x 8cm x 6cm.

Open tray: about 26 cm diameter

On average, fits approximately 70 dices.

Composition: Leather (legitimate or artificial), eyelets, rivets, carabiner and iron buttons, polyamide thread and polypropylene cord (paracord). Cord skull and plastic choker / regulator.

Weight: approx 70g.


Attention: This product feels uncomfortable in the presence of moisture. If your choice was to purchase a genuine leather product, remember to maintain it: clean it with a dry cloth and use a specific moisturizer every six months.


You want a color that's not avaliable here? Talk to us! If it's possible, give us a couple of weeks and we make one just for you!

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